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Its a time of change in the bicycle industry at the moment. The wholesalers are doing it tough, and as such we are starting to see some movement in terms of mergers and acquisitions at the corporate level. This matters to you guys because, some of our well established cycling names may well disappear, in the not too distant future. Some of the choice we now have in our market place may not be around next year. Australia, with it’s population of only twenty four million, can’t really support the range from the entire globe, and the many hundreds of choices it brings. When I look into my crystal ball, I see some of those old favourites, selling in an online space as margins continue to be cut. Others may well merge with distribution companies, as their greater capacity, for logistics, brings with it cost savings. One of the big conundrums we face is, if we make our bikes mere commodities, then we run the risk of making bikes all the same, like washing machines where size and price are all that matter. I for one will be very disappointed if this happens, bland boring bikes are not what I’m about. The next obvious question is , what do we do about it? Well, I don’t think we can do anything, except buy with passion while we still can. Any one who knows me, will have heard me say that there is more to buying a bike than a box ticking exercise. The experience of the ride is the thing you should pay for, not just the components and frame materials. There are so many aspects to buying a bike, and value for money must be one of those, just not the only thing. Keep turning those pedals.


I rode an electric bike (or Pedelec bike), home the other day, and what a revelation.The bike in question was an E-motion Neorace by BH. I should point out that the role of this bike is commuting. If you want to arrive at work sweat free, just sit down peddle slowly and you waft along with the aid of 250 watts of electric help. Teasing other commuters while riding up hill is also possible, the torque of an electric motor needs to be experienced to be believed. The bike is speed limited to 27 kph as per Australian standards. You can still pedal the bike faster than this if you desire, but the power assist shuts off from this point.One of the big reasons that we at Canning Bridge Cycles have not had electric bikes in the past has been quite candidly, the lack of quality. This bike addresses that in spades as it has quality shimano gears, a properly integrated battery, and a nice wheel set. All these parts make up a whole, that responds like a bike should. Bottom line, if the battery runs dead, then this bike is still OK to ride. In fact I read a post on line yesterday that went along the lines that unless you actually need the power assist then you can switch the power off and extend battery life, quite a lot. There is no getting away from the fact that this bike is very heavy, so carrying it up the stairs is not an option. The upside though is the smile it puts on your face each time you ride it. This has been uniform across the board, everyone has loved the experience so


Timing and complacency. Thats what this blog is about. Timing because I decided to take out a bike that had been sitting on the floor for a while, unloved and uninspiring. Complacancy because I forgot about this bike (what a dummy). While preparing this bike for a ride (my seat and handle bar heights) a brand new pair of Zipp 60 wheels turned up at the shop that I had forgotten that I ordered. The bike in question is a Kestral Legend with the new 11spd Ultegra mechanical group. It came into the shop a few weeks ago, got built, we all oohed and ahhed over it, because it looked nice, and then proceeded to forget about it. So I’m building this bike and the wheels come in (they are actually for my wife’s Cannondale Super Six Evo Di2) and I decided that I needed to ride theses wheels. On they go and off I go for a ride. This bike is so fast, so smooth and on rails. Its a real hard core race bike. Beginners need not apply, this is a high end rocket ship of a bike. Zipp wheels compliment any bike that I have ridden with them on, and this offering from Zipp is spot on for value, all day ridabillity and not getting thrown around in a cross wind. They also seem to soften up just about any bike, in a good way. The package that I have stumbled on here is amazing. The Oval Concepts wheels that came with the bike, don’t look horrible, I just couldn’t help putting the Zipps on. I will ride the bike with its standard wheels and I’m confident that it will still be spectacular. Ill report back if its



The weather is changing. I put arm warmers on for the first time in months on Monday. It was 13 degrees, which is not really cold, except that it has been in the mid 20’s. So lights and now more clothes are imminent, and we can lament the passing of summer once again. All the fair weather cyclists can start to think about putting their bikes away for the cold months. While those of us who ride all year round can smile smugly to ourselves knowing that those poor souls are missing out on some of the best riding of the year. Yes it’s cold and some times even wet, but there is little wind and those aero wheels really come into there own. Riding in the dark is not my favorite things it would be fair to say, but with the advancement of LED technology and USB rechargeable, longer lasting batteries, good lights are nowadays super bright and affordable.

On the shop front, we have expanded our women’s range of bikes, dedicating one entire wall to the ladies. With some more clothing on the way and an expanded shoe range we hope we are addressing what was a bit of a gap in our range. You may be interested to know a couple of things about what makes a women’s bike different from a men’s. Not very much as it turns out. Marketers around the world have decided that all women fit the “long legs short torso mold”. It has been my experience that this is not always true. If a lady happens to fit this mold then all well and good, a women’s bike will have most of the things you need. If however you don’t fit this mold and have legs and torso closer to equal proportion, or are at the taller end of the scale, then a regular bike, with narrower bars (if required) and a saddle that works for you is all you need.

We can also now announce that we can service your bike seven days a week. With the acquisition of a new staff member who will be working on both Saturday and Sunday, you can now book your bike in to have work done on the weekend. Bookings are necessary, as this is already proving popular beyond expectations.

Well summer is almost done, the shop ride is about to require lights again. In an effort to fit more riders into our shop ride group it has been decided, to try a 6.05am more restrained ride. for those who don’t want to be “on the rivet”for the whole ride. It will still be a fast ride, 30ish km/h average, and over the same 45kms circuit, but with more regroups and more hill sprints. This is in response to requests made repeatedly to have another option other than ballistic. Riders are welcome to change it up whenever it suits them. I am looking for someone who likes this idea, and who wants to do this ride regularly to become its leader. All that is required is to keep an eye on the time and to lead up the freeway bike path till the narrows. Anyone interested should let me know and the job is yours. Pay is as usual for this type of job, absolutely nothing.

I have just built myself up a new bike, and thought I would share my thoughts on it. It started out life as 2014 Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod with Sram Red and Mavic Kysryum Elites. It was a nice build and looked awesome, but it didnt have a high enough degree of difficulty to it. So I thought I might fit some Campagnolo Super Record EPS to it, some Reynolds Wheels and Garmin’s new Vector power metre pedals. That doesn’t sound difficult I hear you say! Well, given that Cannondale frames are Shimano DI-2 Compatible, but not Campag compatible, it does require some quite, take a deep breath, you hitting an expensive carbon frame with a Dremel, moments. After all this high-end engineering or re-engineering as the case may be. I can report that this bike is simply stunning to ride and performs flawlessly. Cannodale need a huge pat on the back for this bike as it straddles the divide between all out race bike and all day grand fondo bike like nothing else on the market. Slightly higher head tube seems passe these days and if that’s all there was to this bike it to would be passe, however this thing descends like a race bike, with carving, diving, change line-able steering. Stability, confidence inspiring, geometry somehow mated with all day ride-able comfortable, power down acceleration stiffness. These engineering boffins are clever. This mix of comfort and efficiency, are rare indeed. The bike is a 56cm frame and is availiable for test rides for those thinking about a Cannondale Synapse.

My wife’s bike has also arrived, its a Cannondale Super Six Evo Ultegra Di 2 11spd. The bike is fantastic and looks awesome in white with sparkly silver graphics. The new 11spd ultegra is much nicer this time around with some amazing changes the brakes and the overall appearance (much smaller). Zip 60 wheels were fitted and it looked even better, then along came a customer, and now we are looking for another set of wheels. Stay tuned for more on this soon. +


Ahhhh the mess. I dislike mess intensely, but, it is part of renovating. Thats what we have been up to in the winter months. We have doubled the size of our workshop, so now there is room for swinging a cat. We have added a dedicated clothing rack, and also removed the racks holding bikes on the second level. The shop has a much more open and inviting feel. The major works are complete, with just a few small changes to come. The last important change, yet to come will be our set up area. This will allow the set up of a bike to come indoors and become more comprehensive.
Its Tour de France time, so all of you who have been contemplating getting a bike, need to stay up late watching the tv and get inspired to come in and see our amazing range of five brands actually competing this year. Or if its too cold for you what about an indoor trainer.

Ok update time, it’s almost Xmas and I want to know where the year went? So much happening here at CBC. Firstly new brands are here. We have Focus, a German brand, who are expanding ito Aus in a big way. Massive in Europe and trying to fight there way way into an ever expanding Australian market. Really good value for money. We also have E-Motion Pedelec bikes, by BH. These bikes are going to change the way we see Electric bikes. this is the first time I have ridden an electric that actually rides like a proper bike while also having a power assist system to help up hills and to accelerate. Imagine getting to work without sweating!

Also on the staff front we are sad to say that we are losing Andre, he is off to greener pastures, and we wish him all the best. On a brighter note we have two new employees, the first one being Craig formerly from a giant shop, Secondly Paul a former Rep and bike shop owner, has come on board, Welcome guys.

Don’t forget your xmas cycling purchases, Gift cards can be very usefull if you have a finicky cyclist at home. And our knowledgable staff can always offer sound advice.

Blog 7/5/2012

Finally a new blog, you would think it would be easy to find some time each week to sit down and form some thoughts onto a page. Well it’s not, we have been so busy in the workshop and selling new bikes, that there hasn’t been a spare minute. Why have we been so busy? I here you ask, I don’t know I reply, maybe its because we are now the sole Perth agent for Eddy Merckxs Bikes. These things are amazing, from a $2999.00 Carbon 105EMX1 to a $7999.00 carbon Dura AceEMX5 They ooze class and euro style. MR Merckxs himself knew how to ride a little bit too, with some 500 plus pro wins to his name. Also just into store this week are our range of BH bikes, the superlight being their top of range, and a stunning bike. So light you won’t believe they could support a full grown adult. They do quite adequately by the way, I know because I am riding one at the moment. We just took stock of some Addidas sunglasses, that make even me look good. Not really but almost!! They are state of the art super light, they don’t feel like your wearing anything. Come check them out. Also you can check us out on face book now, the young and hip elves that live in the shop have convinced the old fossil(Ross) to get with it finally, and get social!! There may even be some facebook only specials, You won’t know unless you check it out. Ok before I sign off don’t forget that we also sell Bianchi Giant Cannondale and GT road bikes. So if you can’t find something that suits you you’re not trying very hard!

Canning Bridge Cycles Blog 2011

Ok Ok I know it’s been too long since my last blog. There are no excuses, only reasons. We have been  a little bit busy since the last blog, so here is what we have been up to. Firstly, we have moved shops, only a couple of doors down, but still a huge effort. The planning and effort that goes into moving a shop would be akin to moving house twice, but in one day. A huge shout out to all the people who helped, it was much appreciated. You soon realise how much stuff you build up once you have to move it. It should be pointed out that the address remains the same and parking is in the same car park. We are just closer to the cafe. The new shop is a little bit smaller but a nice space, but  most importantly, it is air conditioned. So no more smelly, sweaty shop staff. Another thing that took a lot of effort, was shop shirts, yes we now have our very own Canning Bridge Cycles shirts. They look great, even if we do say so ourselves. On to other huge news for the shop. We have become a Bianchi dealer. These bikes are for the discerning rider who has tried the other stuff and wants something that really rides great. Pricing may surprise you as road bikes start from about $1300 and mountain bikes from about$900. My new frame arrived a couple of weeks ago It’s a Sempre in red white and black, built up with SRam ltd Red group some 3t bits and SRam wheels. This thing rides like nothing else I have ever ridden and I have ridden plenty of bikes. This season they have diversified their  colour choice quite a lot so while you can still buy the traditional celeste(greeny bluey)colour, there is in most cases an alternate colour. The comments so far are split about half and half between tradition and iumcontemporary. So if you haven’t been in for a while come on down and have look. Oh, PS medium pace shop rides are now happening sat Morn at 6am, it’s still 45km but at about 27-30kph average speed. Anyone with a safe bike and a good attitude is welcome. Also Tuesday and Thursday medium pace can happen if anyone wants to. Happy New Year from all of us here at Canning Bridge Cycles!

Canning Bridge Cyles Blog

Blog by Ross – 19th May 2010

Hi again blog 2 already I can’t believe how fast the time is going. So much to do and so little time to do it.

The shop cyclosportif team is about to fire up this weekend for its first time. The is listed as canning bridge cycles, and its name is Team LOFT. LOFT stands for Lack Of —- Talent. This perfectly describes the way I ride and most of the guys as well.

The shop ride has been running along nicely, with good turn outs, despite the appallingly cold weather. Its been so cold that one of the boys who originates from colder climes has been seen wearing more layers than anyone else. I can’t mention Cam’s name for fear of upsetting him so I won’t. Also I would like to point out to some in the group that while it is heartwarming and extremely caring for the boys to keep an eye out for the rest of the group, it is rather taking it to far to not look at where you are going and crash into a curb. Also it would be appropriate in future fellas to at least wait until aforementioned victim, has gotten off the ground before telling them how embarrassing that must feel.

On the shop front we have just received stocks of Limar Ultralight pro 104 Helmets, at a drastically reduced price. These were $249.95 and are now$185.00 Also I still have a hand full of  Turbo trainers left at 20% off RRP. Winter gloves from Bravit and booties from Serfas and lots of other winter accessories have just arrived in store. I still have Apollo Summit Mountain bikes at good savings so grab one now for the kids or even your self. RRP$499- Web Special$374-

Blog by Ross 15th June 2010

A late blog is better than no blog at all. At least that’s my story ,and I’m sticking to it. We have been flat out trying to keep up with all the going’s on around here, like staff leaving and the hunt beginning for new one’s. The first of the 2011 Giant-recreational range has made it in with some of the flat bars arriving, and don’t they look stunning. A brand new frame with lots of fluid forming,rides much stiffer than last years model. There is also a name change for this year with the former CRX now being called the Cross City. I don’t know what makes a city angry, but that’s just me.

The shop cyclo sportif team went amazingly well with a 11th placing out of 66 teams. It was a shame that someone who shall remain nameless can’t ride hills properly. If he didn’t own the shop we would kick him out of the team. In my defense though I was being constantly harassed by members of the team about shop shirts and when they might arrive. I would like to commend the boys for not nagging me and only constantly reminding instead. Also a shout out to Collin who managed to eat his way through an entire buffet table on his own.

Stock take has come around again and we have gone live with our point of sale computer system. So when you come into the store I will be the grumpy guy yelling at the stupid *&&%$#$@$$% computer. However in counting everything in the shop we have found some hidden gems, like computers and lights ETC. which we are now selling at 50%off our normal price. There is quite a bit of stock, some really good quality gear that for one reason or another needs to go. Don’t forget the clothing too.

One final note for this blog is that I am trying to find a new mechanic. They must be fully shop experienced and able to sell bikes. Anyone fitting this bill is urged to call for a confidential chat. Also check the specials page for some fantastically cheap stuff.