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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How do I know which bike is for me?

A.) When you decide what you will do with the bike. Only then can we guide you toward the correct bike. For instance, if you want to ride around the river at a moderate pace, a comfort bike with its upright position and its supple suspension is probably best. If you want to tear around the river then a road bike is more for you. The important thing is to decide on what you want to do. We are more than happy to explain this in more detail.

Q.) How do I know what size frame?

A.) This is one of those complicated ones. We really need to see you in store to tell for sure. The reason is that many manufacturers size in their own special way. Some use S, M, & L and some use inches still and some use centimetres. If you come in one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist.

Q.) What colours do they come in?

A.) Not as many as you might think. Entry level bikes are more likely to have a choice of two, but higher end bikes only come in the one colour. You can always check on the manufactures web sight

Q.) Does weight matter?

A.) Yes and No. Yes, light wheels matter, they make climbing and accelerating easier. No, light frames and group sets won’t make that much difference. I know there will be many who will disagree with me and of course if you’re racing on the pro tour it will matter. I am concerning myself with the recreational cyclist who has a BUDGET.

Q.) I’m not a professional I don’t want to pay for a professionals bike?

A.) See above. Bikes can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be. For some people a ten thousand dollar bike is a must every two years. For others a three hundred and fifty dollar bike is plenty.

Q.) Can you get xyz brand?

A.) Sometimes is the answer. On our brands list page are the brands that we stock regularly. If you’re not sure drop us an e-mail at